Photography is something I’ve been interested in since elementary school. Over the years I’ve collected many tips and techniques. There are many things that make a great photo but here are four of my most used techniques:

  1. Leading Lines

I was taught that leading lines always make for a good picture. They are easy to look for and make framing pictures trouble free. This technique is easiest to use with roads and paths. Leading lines can create symmetry and guide your viewer to see more than just the main subject of a photo. Below are some examples of my photography that contain leading lines:

  1. Color

Naturally I gravitate towards photographing things that are colorful. Colorful buildings, clothing choices, and scenery are not only fun to photograph but are also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Its argued that color is one of the most important aspects in photography and can really make or break a picture. Look out for colorful things in your life to photograph! Below are some examples of my photography that contain a strong sense of color:

  1. High & Low Angles:

Angles are one of the most fun techniques to play within photography. Eye-level photos can get boring and repetitive. Try making your photos more fun and interesting by switching up the angle. 

By getting low, you create a really interesting view looking up. You can capture cool detail on buildings or landscapes, or details low on the ground. By getting high, you can create a larger than life view looking down. You can capture entire cities from an angle not everyone gets to see. Below are some examples of my photography that show off their use of angle:

To get this photo we had to think outside of the box. We visited the shop across the street and used their window to get the photo. By doing so, I know I got a better photo than all the admirers outside. 

  1. Framing

Use your surroundings to frame your subject. By framing in a cool way, you can   completely change a picture and ensure your viewer is focused on the main subject of the photo. Below are some examples of my photography that contain a unique way of framing:

Here, the greenery of the trees creates a frame around the water. 

I used a stone window to frame the beautiful view.

What are your favorite photography techniques that I should try? Let me know in the comments!

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