There are so many apps out there for creating and sharing work, however, these are the best. After carefully looking through my phone I chose the apps I use and love the most. I love these apps because each of them has a unique way of creating digital work and distributing it all from your mobile phone so you can create and share from anywhere!

Here is a list of mobile apps that every designer and creator on the go needs:


Dribble is sorta like Instagram, but specifically for graphic design! It allows designers to share their work and connect with other artists. On Dribble, I have connected with many of my Drake classmates and designers in Des Moines who are also interested in sharing their work. This app is a must-have when it comes to sharing your work online. One feature on this app that is like no other is that you can also search for design jobs in an area of your choice on the app!


Everyone is probably familiar with Pinterest. I love using this app to find inspiration. There are boards for literally everything and anything! I find inspiration for a lot of my photography and graphic design projects on there. 


I really like VSCO for editing and sharing photos. The thing that is different about VSCO is that it is unknown to others who you are following and who is following you. That way you can share your work without the all the pressure you may feel on some social media sites. This app makes editing pictures easy and is also an easy platform to share them on. They also have a subscription version for advanced editing options and video editing. 

Adobe Spark Post

I love using the desktop version of Adobe Spark; Adobe Spark Post is the mobile version for your phone. This app makes graphic design fun and easy by having hundreds of different templates for whatever project you are doing. There is also a separate Adobe Spark app for Video!


On PicsArt you can edit photos, add text or stickers and share it. If you had to combine all the apps from above it would create PicsArt. There is so much you can do from this app. The editing you can do is a bit bolder. You can add crazy filters, distort your photos, add drawing or stickers, and much more. I think this is such a fun app to play around with!

What are your favorite iPhone apps? Let me know in the comments!

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