I think everyone can agree right now that one of the most popular social media apps is TikTok. After being pretty hesitant and confused about the hype it received from my younger friends, I caved and downloaded it last summer. After ignoring the app on my phone for months, I decided to give it a real try to see what it is all about. I was surprised. I discovered that there is truly something for everyone on TikTok. After being in quarantine for quite some time, I found myself scrolling on the app more and following more people. I have sorta established a nightly tradition of sending my close friends my favorite videos that I had seen that day. 

I discovered that there is more out there on the app than just popular dance videos. I now follow over 400 accounts that all range in topics. I found out that there are a lot of users on the app that have similar interests as me such as photography, design, and music. Here are some of my favorite TikTok accounts:

  1. @shotzbyalex

Alex is a photographer based in New York City. She uses her TikTok platform that has over two million likes to share her work while also giving lots of great tips on how to get the best shots and make the most out of a shoot! I love her style and gain a lot of inspiration from her work. 

  1. @Claudiaa81

Claudia, who has a following of more than 60K followers, shows off her experiences working in the music industry on TikTok. She tells stories and gives advice to those who are interested in the industry. As someone who hopes to have a future like hers, I find her content and advice really awesome! 

  1. @mkwcreative.co

This account is devoted to brand design tutorials. I find it really fun to see what trends businesses are looking for when it comes to design. This account shows off some really cool graphic design and teaches you how to be just as great!

  1. @Minimalmajor

Madison Williams is a west coast based TV producer and blogger. Her account is one of my favorites because she gives a lot of tips and advice to people my age on how to be successful in the entertainment industry right out of college. Her content is a mixture of advertising her coolest experiences and answering questions on how she got to be where she is and how to get there too. 

I also follow a lot of celebrities and companies who are on TikTok. My favorites are Lizzo, E! Entertainment, and Tyler Cameron!

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What are your favorite TikTok accounts? Let me know in the comments!

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